”Mind you, there is no value in learning. You are all mistaken in learning. The only value of knowledge is in the strengthening, the disciplining, of the mind.”

Swami Vivekananda.

We were told about the value of discipline by teachers in our schools and parents at home. For most of us that seemed like a usual preachment and we never bothered to ponder over its importance. May be, that was because a child’s mind always perceives such teachings as an attempt to fetter his freedom. But gradually, we start learning the importance of the discipline in life. Somewhere inside, today, most of us know that our successes or failures were the outcome of this one core value- success, when we followed this religiously, and failure, when we failed to do so.

If we think deeply, this one single trait affects various other things around us. Discipline of character has direct relevance to crimes in society. Crimes occur when a person loses control over his senses. If everyone in a society possesses discipline of character and feels satisfied with whatever he attains through legitimate means; evils like corruption, theft violence etc. would be reduced a great deal.

A disciplined life style, for example, exercising daily, control in food habits etc. help one stay healthy, and in becoming an asset to the nation. If students are disciplined at studies, the nation will  get a competent workforce.

Great leaders of the world have one thing in common, discipline; they utilized every single moment of their lives in progressing towards attainment of their goals.

Discipline at work helps people utilize their potential to the fullest. If people working in all organizations work with discipline, nation grows by leaps and bounds. Japanese are known for their disciplined lifestyle, the reason why they always bounced back from all disasters, be it natural or man made.

Discipline is sine qua non for an orderly and just society. No rules or laws can bring about order in a society if its entities have lack of discipline. The discipline is the strong pedestal on which the great civilizations flourish.