When the going gets tough, the tough get going … this proverb can be interpreted in two ways – first, when a strong person is confronted with difficult situation, he fights like a warrior to remove all obstacles from his path and wins over his difficulties; and second, a strong person acts wisely and leaves the battle field when he finds that the prolonged war can cost him his life- after all, when there is life, there is hope !

For any overly motivated individual, second interpretation befits a coward man, and he would never like to become such wise fool.

Let us take our lives as battle grounds; everyday, we indulge into new wars, the internal wars, which are fought on a battle field called mind with plethora of emotions as its soldiers, and external ones which are being fought using weapons called words. Often, the internal wars are sine qua non for an exciting external war. A person who is fighting a constant internal war makes a capable and ferocious warrior for the external warfare.

One needs to show great gallantry in internal warfare which is much more challenging than the external one. Emotions are difficult to be understood, sometimes the negative emotions defeat the positive ones and take the command of all the rational centers in mind. The person becomes the slave of these deadly emotions and remains shackled until he adopts the first interpretation of the proverb in question. He needs to understand the origin of these negative emotions and fight with them until he conquers all the rational centers and gives their command back to the positive emotions- the friendly soldiers, who are the bedrock of a peaceful mind.

While the strong people slog through this internal warfare, the weaker among them succumb to the negative emotions, they lose their rationality to them and very often indulge in external warfare. The wise people adopt the second interpretation here. They keep empathy for people who are struggling with their inner self due to some genuine reasons and let go things even if they are being irrational in what they say, so that they get time to come back to the normal. Also, they wisely leave the battle ground when they are indulged with people who have long been ruled by the negative soldiers and have no chances of coming back to the normal.

Life isn’t that complex. There are answers to all our questions, provided we sit calmly and introspect a little. Why we always forget that whether it is through liberation of soul or gradual dying of human cells- ultimate truth is that life is going to end one day. Shouldn’t we try to make it more productive and interesting?

The problem with internal fights is that they have to be conquered by an individual alone. Every individual longs for the equilibrium in life, one who is on either extreme remains at constant war with himself. The best way to fight negativity is to indulge in activities which make us feel good about ourselves. Writing, reading, music, dance, a nice conversation with a pal, painting – there are n number of such activities which we like, but forget about them as we progress in life. We are humans and should not try to emulate machines.

Indeed, life is not a bed of roses for anyone of us, but gallant are the ones who constantly strive to have a balance in their internal and external worlds, who live life not because they are forced to, but because they want to, who ignore petty things and make their own and others’ life beautiful.

Neither you knew about the events the way they unfolded in the past, nor you know what lies ahead. Everything is there in this one single moment. Only this moment is filled with light, everything else is in the darkness-do not lose this moment and live this to the fullest!