All parents instill those universal values in their children, like, always tell the truth, be gracious, be honest, respect the elders and so on. The child starts believing that everyone around him has imbibed the same sort of high order values and all his deeds will be reciprocated in the same manner and thus, he inhabits that idealistic world which has never existed in reality.

As the child grows up, he gets to see the real world out there, where they tell that only naive people possess those high order values. Baffled by the conflicting values, the child starts looking for the ideals, the people, who followed the same value sets as told by his elders and successfully led their lives. But the difficulty they had faced to live upto these values scares the child.

They say, at the end of the day, we humans are evolved animals, and everyone possesses those animalistic instincts. So, inherently, we have hedonistic interests, we are self centric and we would love to live a liberated life if there are no rules and regulations around.

The ideas of morality, the role of the state, the power and the wealth distribution etc. have been debated by thinkers and intellectuals of all time. Ideals have been adopted, monarchies transformed into democracies, colonies were dismantled, slavery was removed and so on and so forth. But the question still remains the same, are we living in that just and ideal world, where humans are less like animals and more like humans ?

The answer, unfortunately, inclines more towards the negation. People are killed for siding by those high order values, resources are concentrated in a few hands, power is used to suppress those who dreamt about making this world an ideal one, poverty compels people to voluntarily embrace slavery, and many more such realities which depicts the contrast between the ideal and the real world.

At last, as it was stated by Martin Luther,”Everything that is done in the world is done by hope”, we can try to contribute at least some bits on our part to make this world a just place to live in. To what extent one can make changes to the imbibed value sets in order to survive in this not so kind world is subjected to self contemplation.