First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win

As we humans have tendency to fight over anything and everything under the sun, there are some serious debates going on over social media these days to ascertain the real owner of this quote. So I leave it to the discretion of the readers, they can imagine their respective leaders as the source of this quote.

Here in India, we attribute this quote to Mahatma Gandhi. It does not really matter whether an Indian or an American said these words, what matters is the message behind this quote, and whether that message inspired the masses to fight against the oppression.

Mahatma Gandhi’s non violent movement was a very unique method to fight against the oppression. He asked the people to adopt peaceful methods to fight against the British. It was difficult to follow this principle because the occupier always used violent methods to suppress the masses.

M.Gandhi aborted very important freedom movements at a time when they were at their peaks just because the masses turned violent, and even today, he is criticised for those decisions. He adopted non violent methods to protest, went to the jail, and resumed the same method to protest after the release, and this cycle continued till 1947.

His methods instilled patience and will power in the masses. They learnt the art to resist oppression by organizing themselves for a common cause which was freedom. It was an achievement for M. Gandhi as before his arrival in India masses were in a state of confusion as the leadership could not provide them with a right kind of method to protest against the British. Violent methods would attract suppression, and the authorities turned deaf ear to the regular pleas for more rights in governance from moderate Indian leaders.

M. Gandhi was a leader, and he knew  why it was important to mobilize the masses by asking them to follow such principles. Initially it appeared to be an absurd idea to everyone as it was impossible to imagine that a frail man with his non violent methods can shake the mighty British rule . But his methods stirred the masses across India, his thoughtful movements removed the fear of oppression among masses. They resisted the rule and helped the freedom fighters to root out the British rule from India.

It is difficult to stick to one’s principles as it requires courage and a strong will power to follow them through thick and thin. One should also have a very high emotional quotient to follow one’s principles even under difficult circumstances.

Many of us must have faced this in life when we took up an idea and people might have suggested that it was beyond our potential. We stuck to the idea just because we had belief in our abilities and perseverance. The nature has gifted us with an ability to win over all the difficulties in life, but many of us fail to recognize our true potential.

Those  who fall prey to ‘other’s negative opinions’ about their potential, waste their lives by choosing a mediocre way to lead it. The message in this quote is to lead our lives on our own terms. It is true that following one’s dreams is fraught with challenges, and people might mock you if you fail while chasing them. But if you keep moving ahead, you will definitely realize your dreams in the end.