It is not some supernatural power which controls the human race. It is this one and only desire called ‘Possession’ which controls us. It is the sole power which drives this world, we humans are nothing but slaves to our desire to possess.

No, I am not an ardent supporter of communism as it were not the aliens but the humans who created and tried to follow this ideology and failed miserably due to the same uncontrolled human instincts.

The desire to possess is normal till it acts as a motivating agent to work, but when the desire itself becomes the sole purpose of life, it turns humans into animals.

Starting from a small patch of land, the human race started an expedition to control everything possible – the land, the water, the sky. They killed each other and felt no repentance while controlling something which belonged to others.

The irony is, when the lands which today they call as nations, in their drive for possessions, first kill the innocents, and then get together to preach the values of humanity to the world.

Then there are these tyrant crusaders of religions who are doing great favour to humanity by killing everyone who does not belong to their illusory world.

We the humans, the so called civilsed race, are performing all roles of an animal. Even animals are not driven by the greed, they hunt for their survival, and we humans for our mindless drive for possession.

An insecure, foolish and fearful race, every second we live in a fear to lose our possessions. We created nukes, not for use, but to keep it with us to allay our fears.

Doesn’t the nature feel the burden of carrying the thankless evolved animals on her shoulders? We cry global warming, forgetting that even the nature was not spared by our endless drive for possession. .