The elders like children who want to live life according to set goals and plans. But this can only earn us the tag of being an ideal child in the eyes of the elders. As we move ahead with life , the unpredictability factor starts creeping in. All our plans vanish like an arrow which missed its target.

The unpredictability is difficult to handle for those who were always told that they can achieve anything if they lead a planned and disciplined life.

It is only after many missed targets we realize that its the life events which make us change our plans, and life is all about a constant struggle to tame those events with our adaptability and perseverance.

The caution, “Be Careful” is one extreme and “being foolhardy” the other, the life wants us to play with her somewhere in the middle. Various challenges are thrown at us to test whether we are worthy enough to play and survive, and whether we can gulp in all the miseries with ease and still ask the life, “bring it on, I am alive”.

After the testing phase, there awaits an exciting life. The process makes one so habituated to the challenges that misery also starts feeling like a reward – the reward  for the constant fight with unpredictability and preservation of the strength till the end.

Planned and predictable life is a source of boredom. The real happiness lies in accepting the challenges with an extra topping of unpredictability as and when the life throws at us, taming them, and moving ahead like a warrior.

Always tell your life, “bring it on, I am alive”.