Trumpocalypse, an interesting and apt word to describe the recent set of decisions which has shaken the bedrock of American democracy. The scent of the freedom coming from far west has always been an ideal for democracies in developing countries like India. The American dream, where everyone was promised equality of opportunity  based on the talent one possess, seems to be evaporating.

The election of Trump has not really been a shock considering the inclination of people around the globe towards far right in recent years. Globalisation has stopped short in its fourth phase. After goods, services and ideas, the world it seems is not ready for the free movement of people.

America has been the harbinger of globalization, and reaped the greatest benefits out of it. Cheap labour outside America has provided ample reasons for the capitalist class to earn their profits in developing countries which provided them with quality service at very less cost. The election of trump is nothing but a reflection of a native American’s anger towards the capitalist class for giving the job they deserve to outsiders, and a hope that Trump will bring their lost opportunity back to America. Alas, they forgot, America was built by immigrants!

Trump’s decision of erecting a wall on the border with Mexico is yet another example of his protectionist mindset. The hypocrisy of his thoughts lies in his demand that Mexico itself to pay for the construction of the wall which is obviously going to cost him dear considering the difficult terrain at the border.

Soon after his election he removed the LGBT and climate change related pages from White House website reflecting the dangerous course of action he has in mind for the people of America in particular and the globe in general. Its first spillover was his recent decision to stop the grant for those NGOs which are working in developing countries over issues like abortion and reproductive health of women. Countries across the globe look up to America to promote individual freedom and liberty, such decisions are definitely going to cast a shadow over that cherished American ideal of liberty.

He decided to restrict the entry of people from certain Muslim countries as an anti terrorism measure. The unfortunate aspect is that this ban is applicable to even those people who have legal documents to travel to the US. He says that it is not about religion but about terror and he just wants to keep his country safe. But it is interesting to note that according to statistics, post 9/11 it was American citizens who were involved in most of the terror related incidents which occurred within America. By taking such decision he is further alienating the people belonging to a particular community because of the generalized perception about their intentions.

His decision to get away with the regional partnership initiatives like Trans Pacific Partnership has given China a clear advantage. China can now promote initiatives like Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership and persuade more members to join it. China is already trying to find suitable alternatives to international institutions by promoting initiatives like establishment of New Development Bank.

His wish to partner with Russia to “make the world great again” is not going to materialise very easily as there are many issues where the interests of Russia and USA are at conflict with each other. No doubt Trump is trying to thaw the constrained ties with Russia for example, by calling the NATO as obsolete, an alliance which Russia still sees as a threat to its territorial integrity. It would be interesting to see the further developments between these two nations which had once set on a race to build a new world order whose ends never appeared to meet with each other. What the people failed to do, it seems the two demagogue’s have set out to finish.

The Earthquake which is Trumpocalypse is going to get much more severe from now on. One can only hope the world does not suffer the after shock.

It seems the American Carnage which Trump referred to has just begun. Let us remember the words beneath the Statue of Liberty, which reads,

Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tosses to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!

How far America has drifted from its shores!